I started this blog with the purpose of showcasing my huge wallpaper collection, (around 14,000 walls and counting) and in the process, back them up.  (They are uploaded on WordPress’s servers)  I started collecting wallpapers as soon as I learned to use a computer, which was about 8 years ago.  Probably the first “wallpaper” site that I used was the Microsoft Clip Gallery.  Back then I didn’t really know what a screen resolution was, so I was always collecting pictures that were too small for the screen and stretching the wallpaper so it would fit the screen.  (BTW, I am not recommending Microsoft Clip Gallery for wallpapers.  Most of the pics are too small:)  Nowadays, the wallpapers are better quality than back then:)

Here’s a screenshot of my wallpaper folder:

I’ve divided my wallpapers into these main categories: Nature, Computers(Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac, Ubuntu, Firefox), Abstract, Movies, Nintendo, Cities, Featured Artists, Misc., and Space/Fantasy.  You will find those links on the right of the page. There will be significantly less wallpaper in the nintendo, firefox, and cities sections because I mainly collect walls for the other categories.


Have a suggestion or concern?  Contact me at admin(at)awesomewallpapersblog(dot)com

Disclaimer: Due to the fact that I have so many wallpapers downloaded from many sources, It is not possible for me to give the creators of each one a link back to their own wallpaper.  If you are, however, the creator of one of the wallpapers and specifically ask me to give a link that you provide to the source (or to delete the wallpaper), I will be happy to oblige.

*All credit goes to the original creators of the wallpapers.  In no way do I claim ownership for any of them.*


I am 18 years old and I love anything to do with computers and anything tech related. Of course, I also love wallpapers and graphics-design.  Besides technology, I like playing sports (particularly baseball), reading books, playing games, and watching movies.



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72 comments on “About/Subscribe

  1. Saico says:

    This page is great.
    Incredible collection of great wallpapers.

  2. benjammin1 says:

    Thanks Saico:)

  3. Half-Leif says:

    Great website!

    Awesome pictures! I collect wallpapers too and this is just great! Love all these really good ones and they even have a nice quality, I mean, some of those you find in the web are good but have a quite low resolution, but these… 🙂 I really enjoy this site and hope it will continue growing!

    Thank you for what you have done so far!

    • benjammin1 says:

      Thanks for the comment, Half-Leif. Glad you like my site! I agree with you on low resolution walls-In my blog I try to collect widescreen, high-quality wallpapers because most people have a widescreen monitor (including me:).
      Be looking for tons more wallpapers in the future!


  4. Gokul says:

    hey would you be able to create / share some IBM / Think pad wall papers – dark ones would be really great …

  5. benjammin1 says:

    Hmm, I’ll see what I can find:)

    Update: In this wallpaper set there is two thinkpad wallpapers: https://awesomewallpapers.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/misc-wallpaper-set-5/

  6. benjammin1 says:

    Sure:) Remember though, I usually collect wallpapers, not make them:) (Actually, come to think of it, I have made 3 or 4)

  7. quintinsmith says:

    these are some excellent wallpaper thanks i just mite take some thanks man.

  8. DMPDMP1 says:

    Absolutely love this site, especially your collection of space, fantasy, and gaming wallpapers. I’m a wallpaper freak! And finding really high quality, widescreen papers is tough. Too many sites with low res pics. I can’t believe your age either!

    So glad I found your blog, and keep ’em coming.

  9. benjammin1 says:

    Thanks for the comment, DMPDMP1. I have about 1000 wallpapers left in the Gaming and Space category, so they’ll be a lot more coming:)

    Admin of Awesome Wallpapers

  10. crownNERD says:

    Hey Ben,

    These wallpapers are amazing! from the abstract to the video games which make me laugh, they are just pure amazing. Glad you made this website to share these ‘amazing wallpapers’. Thanks again, Ben!

  11. Lenny says:

    Hi, I love your wallpapers. I use them all the time. I recently upgraded to windows 7 and discovered the slideshow function. I’d love it if I could download whole collections as a .zip files and make a slideshow of them. 2 Questions: 1.) Is that possible? 2.) if not, would you consider doing that?(that would be such a great feature!)


    • benjammin1 says:

      Thanks for the comment, Lenny. Sorry for the late reply:) I have had collections available for download in a zip file before. (Example here.) I think your suggestion is a good one, and I will think about it a little before I make the decision. Thanks,
      Ben, Admin of Awesome Wallpapers

  12. Lenny says:

    Cool. I REALLY like the space fantasy wallpapers. This page is loaded with great stuff.

  13. Half-Leif says:

    It might have been some time since it was done but I really like how you have improved your blog. Until now I’ve been trying to copy every picture and have a small collection of my own (many wallpapers of which from this site ^^). I like the idea to categorize and I have some suggestions as how to categorize even more in subcategories. The larger my collection gets the more categories I invent so I can access the right wallpapers quickly. A problem I have with my collection is that I only have each wallpaper in one size. I also saw that you appear to have all possible sizes but less categorized system. My new idea is to use your blog more directly instead of choosing from my own downloaded stuff but I have difficulties searching through all good wallpapers for those that I really feel for in that moment.

    I have described my system below, please feel free to copy or take inspiration from it.
    It has “MAIN CATEGORIES”, “-Subcategories” and related shortcuts between related materials in different main categories. In every main category there are also pictures (it would be boring to add a Fantasy subcategory to a main category with the same name :P). Since I am using a lot of your wallpapers I thought my own categorization could be of some help.

    -3D (stereopics)
    -Grunge Flags
    -Movies & Trademarks (with subcategories of course and shortcuts from SCIFI and FANTASY folders resp.)
    -Operative systems & WebBrowsers (with subcategories..)

    -shortcut to SCIFI/SciCities

    -shortcut to NATURE/Nature Fanatsy
    -shortcut to MISC/Movies/Lotr
    -Modern fantasy (like the LondonBridgeTsunami or EgyptPyramidFantasy picture)

    -NatureFantasy (mysitc feeling in nature pics or double moons etc.)
    -Objects (typically zoomed pictures on wheet or leaves etc., for example “stitch-on-the-grass” or “south_pacific” of yours)

    -Landscapes (non-Earth landscapes, often green or purple, sometimes with planets in the background, for example the picture of yours called “Twilight”)
    -SciAction (non-movie pics with starships, scifi battles, supernovas etc)
    -SciCities (like it sounds like.. for example “SiriusOne” or “SulfuricStation” of yours)
    -shortcut to StarTrek, StarWars and StarCraft2 (you should really get some SC2 pictures…)

    This is just a suggestion to get some inspiration from. Your site is already categorized a lot and i love it. I just want the Fantasy-Space-SpaceLandscapes-SciFi-NatureFantasy parts in categories to so that I and every other user can find them easier. But that’s only since they’re my favorites… (along with abstracts). I really like the categories I call NatureFantasy and SpaceLandscapes.

    Thanks for reading this far and thanks for all the wallpapers you have contributed with and the work you have done. I love to see this site grow with both users and wallpapers (especially Fantasy/SciFi related..).
    Good Luck /Half-Leif

    • benjammin1 says:

      Wow! That is an insane amount of thinking through and categorizing that you just did there:) The problem with making so many sub-categories, is that there will be very few wallpapers in those categories. On occasion I will make destinctive wallpaper sets, like “Starcraft Wallpaper Set 1” and then tag that post with “Starcraft”. Then you could search in the search in the search box “Starcraft”, and find that post. I would put that post in the movie section, but not make a whole category just for Starcraft. Hope that kinda answers your question:)

      Ben, Admin of Awesome Wallpapers

      • Half-Leif says:

        Hi again

        Good point. True about the proposed Starcraft catefory. But I think it’s a good idea to at least divide the space/fantasy group to Space and Fantasy. Personally I think 34 sets is a lot for one category, especially since I think space, science fiction and fantasy differ so much. It’s of course your blog but please think about not publishing fantasy and space mixed together (at least not in the same wallpaper sets..) For example Space/Fantasy Set 33 has all kinds of pictures: LOTR, science fiction killer robots, awesome space pictures and a really nice landscape/sciCity. I too think they are related but different enough to post them in different sets. I can see your point in publishing sciencefiction and fantasy together since both are kind of dreaming pictures but then the space pictures seems just as much related to nature.

        As I said before, it’s just a suggestion. Do as you think is the best.
        Kindly /Half-Leif

      • benjammin1 says:

        I see. That is a very good suggestion. Space and fantasy are different subjects. I will definitely think about your suggestion and make a decision soon. Thanks!

  14. Half-Leif says:

    By the way, I noticed that there’s a StarTrek picture, “startrek11280”, in your StarWars Wallpaperset 4. I like StarWars too ^^

  15. Javier says:

    Hi, I am trying to contact with the author for a possible work. I do not find the form of contact if anybody can help me.
    thank you!

  16. Thomas says:

    Thank you for sharing the best collection of Windows themed wallpapers on the internet! You make finding beautiful 2560×1600 wallpapers easy and fun! The creativity these designers have with the Windows, Vista, and 7 logos is amazing!

  17. Pere Aliseda says:

    Hi Dude!! You grunge flag design are absolutely amazing congrats!! could you design Catalonia grunge flag ?? i’ll be so greatfull.


  18. Edgar says:

    Hey your blog really ROCKS!!! is awesome.
    Is the firts time that REALLY enjoy a blog like this, congrats!!

  19. x__d says:

    where r all the utilties page u hav, it has many good ones
    like stardock ….
    please bring that page back :]

  20. Andrew van der Wayne says:

    hi boy. Cute wallpapers, some which i’ve set on my background, very very coooool…
    Did you create this cite?

  21. great wallpapers. I thought you made them LOL… I’m gonna bookmark this blog 😀

  22. Beau says:

    Awesome collection, thank you for compiling all these wallpapers on a sharp looking site.

  23. andrew says:

    awe.. love the landscapes 😀

  24. Ramblinrick says:


    This is Rick from What’s On My PC (whatsonmypc.wordpress.com). Just wanted to let you know that you made my “Bookmark This” collection at my second site: Bookmarks4techs.com

    You can read about this at: http://www.bookmarks4techs.com/2012/02/bookmark-this-17-awesome-wallpapers.html

    Keep up the great work!

  25. tina says:


  26. Robert says:

    Awesome website man I am bookmarking this page so I can get a new wallpaper every time I want it! 😀

  27. Karl says:

    How large of a hard drive do you have? And what os is that in the screenshot?

  28. hilarious says:

    Hey dude you are really cool. I mean great job keeping up this awesome blog. I kinda have my own site too (www.hidhinjesy.com) but i wish it had this success like you. And btw why dont you monetize your blog adchoices is great way so you enjoy it and earn little money too.
    Anyway Keep it up

  29. salafer says:

    Hey Ben,
    I was wondering, do you make custom wallpapers?
    Nice website, by the way. Bookmarked.

  30. Lewis says:

    Hi, is it possible to “order” one of your pictures in a higher resolution…?

    • Ben says:

      I don’t make any of the wallpapers. If you want I can try and find the author. I’m on vacation now, so I’ll reply to your comment again when I have the time.

  31. Sarah says:

    this is site is great!
    can’t chose which one I want tho…
    Thanks for making this! (:

  32. Thee Chad says:

    I share your links/wallpapers on my Facebook page. Trying to help get the word out. Probably should of asked first,lol

  33. i just wanted to express my gratitude.. your site is appreciated!

  34. Atique says:

    Great effort brother keep’t-up
    and for me please increase yours ”Nature” Collection..

  35. Canada says:


  36. Polly says:

    your wallpaper selections are very nice !!

    Just subscribed and awaiting for your next new set !

  37. Rachel says:

    I just want to say thanks for the awesome selection of wallpapers you have – I’m building quite a collection myself now, and can’t choose between ’em so I have had to set my wallpapers to loop every 30 mins. Keep it up with the nature, art and fantasy ones, they are my favs!

  38. Shabi Shoaib says:

    Awesome collection….. can you email me your collection at surfpk10@gmail.com

  39. Deniz says:

    Love it! Keep up the great work.

  40. Redraw says:

    Still a terrific site for wallpapers … seems this really is a family friendly site … how refreshing
    also why I am not getting any Wallpaper Packs in my inbox lately ?
    are you too busy again hehehe
    you do have a fine selection

    • Ben says:

      I am afraid I am in the midst of my last semester of school and am working, I’ll try to find time to post more after December 14th!

      • Reraw says:

        Hello Ben
        Thanks for the reply , You just focus on doing the best you can at school , I am sure that many of us don’t mind waiting a while for the next lot of wallpapers and we would rather hear of you getting good results at school .
        Wish All the best Ben

  41. MichaelSaurl says:

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