The Hobbit Movie Wallpapers

To say I am excited for the upcoming Hobbit Movie is an understatement:)  Here is a collection of the wallpapers I have accumulated so far.

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


11 comments on “The Hobbit Movie Wallpapers

  1. Lawi Odera says:


  2. Andy says:

    It seems they have followed on from Lord of the Rings and are making the hobbit seem epic…

  3. Czerniawa says:


  4. Barb says:

    Thanks Ben!!! I am sharign with my friends and you are AWESOME

  5. Noella Martello says:

    I consider Lord of the Rings to be among the finest cinematic achievements in motion picture history. As for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the closest approximation is The Phantom Menace. I liked The Phantom Menace back in May 1999 and I still do (in defense of… ). But I now know exactly how those who disliked or hated Episode One felt on that fateful evening 12.5 years ago. I feel your pain, for now it is my pain as well.”

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