Popular Posts of 2009

Well, I am back from vacation, and will try to update my blog daily now.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Since tomorrow is the New Year, I thought I would round up some of the most popular posts on my blog in 2009.  Here they are:

1. Windows 7 Wallpapers Set 1

2. Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 12

3. Mac Wallpaper Set 8

4. Ubuntu Wallpaper Set 4

5. Ubuntu Wallpapers Set 1

6. Nature Wallpaper Set 10

7. Misc. Wallpaper Set 7 (VladStudio)

8. Wallpaper Megapacks

9. Star Wars Wallpaper Set 5

10. Abstract Wallpaper Set 12

Also, as a bonus, Here is another poll for you to vote on:

(Expires February 1st)


One comment on “Popular Posts of 2009

  1. Celia Lui says:

    Nice Wallpapers.
    Admit or not You Have Nice Nature Wallpapers Collection , I have just googled A Huge nature Wallpaper site http://downloaddesktopwallpapers.com/nature_wallpapers-desktop-wallpapers.html Could be a Bookmark for nature wallpapers lovers like you and me.

    Best Regards

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