Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 15


4 comments on “Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 15

  1. Robomaster says:

    I especially like the last two. Keep it up! I found a program that you might find VERY helpful –

  2. benjammin1 says:

    Looks interesting, but it says photoblogs are not acceptable. Probably because they use too much space. I use about a 1GB of space in 3-4 months(because of so much wallpaper), so it wouldn’t really work for me. Thanks though!

  3. Robomaster says:

    Too bad, I thought you might like it. Ya might want to consider starting another blog that’s not for photos, though; I think you’d do a good job.

  4. benjammin1 says:

    Thanks, I do like the idea and I would definitely think about if I had a technology blog or something like that. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a tech blog sometime in the future:)

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