Change in posting frequency

I’m sorry for the lack of posting during the past few weeks.  I usually try to post a wallpaper set two times a week, but with my current homework load, its been hard to even get one posted.  Until the month of June (when school ends for the summer) expect 1, and maybe (if I have time) 2 wallpaper sets a week. Thanks for your understanding,


Admin of AW

P.S. For now I’m sticking with small wallpaper previews because the large previews caused some usability issues.


2 comments on “Change in posting frequency

  1. HKB says:

    have you tried ???
    it reduces the jpg size

    • Ben says:

      When I said usability issues, I meant that each post took up to much space because of the largeness (in pixels) of the thumbnails. I don’t have any problem with the physical size of them:) That is a great site though.

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