Mac Wallpaper Set 46

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


10 comments on “Mac Wallpaper Set 46

  1. hkb says:

    i like ur taste.
    dude, cud u post android wallpapers too??
    resolution: 960 x 800

  2. iano10 says:

    This is an epic blog. I love the wallpaper! It’s so cool! Thx.

  3. iano10 says:

    Just a question, do you accept wallpaper from contributors?

  4. iano10 says:

    I love this site. Me and my friends can’t stop getting wallpaper!

  5. hi..very nice photo and design..

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  7. […] Mac Wallpaper Set 46 […]

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