Mac Wallpapers Set 2 (Mac Wood Mega Pack 1)

Here are some awesome mac walls with wood backgrounds.  You can download the pack of all these walls I put together, at this link:

All credit goes to the creators of these wallpapers.

Also you can check out other wallpaper megapacks I put together at this link.

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12 comments on “Mac Wallpapers Set 2 (Mac Wood Mega Pack 1)

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  3. sonhaji says:

    thanks a lots for this apple wallpaper..

  4. Santaclaes says:

    The download url points on “Nature MegaPack”.

  5. Harry says:

    Now the url points to the wood Mega Pack 2 😉

  6. jrex_14 says:

    A for awesome!

  7. steve says:

    Currently the link seems to be pointing to which seems to be unavailable.


  8. jeena says:

    Are these royalty free images?

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