Tron Legacy Wallpapers (Megapack)

This wallpaper pack is for fans of the Tron Legacy movie.  “All wallpapers are either widescreen or HD (1080p)” Download the .zip file here:  (There are 3 Bonus Wallpapers included in the .zip file besides the ones shown here!) Wallpaper #16 by sohansurag @deviantart. Note:  I did not make these wallpapers.  All credit goes to […]

Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 19 (Vista Megapack 1)

Well, I haven’t put together a wallpaper megapack in a while, so today I have gathered 70 widescreen Vista wallpapers into one huge pack.  You can download it (Via MediaFire) through this link:     (Warning, big file {56MB} so might take a while to download) You can see my previous wallpaper packs here: Wallpaper MegaPacks Below […]

Misc. Wallpaper Set 8 (Sports) (NFL MegaPack 1)

This pack of wallpapers is for every National Football League (NFL) fan. The NFL season  just started a couple of weeks ago, so this is just in time for NFL fans:) This is the first megapack in a series of two packs.  Expect the second pack next week.  You can download it (Via MediaFire) through […]

Popular Posts of 2009

Well, I am back from vacation, and will try to update my blog daily now.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Since tomorrow is the New Year, I thought I would round up some of the most popular posts on my blog in 2009.  Here they are: 1. Windows 7 Wallpapers Set 1 2. Windows Vista […]

Mac Wallpapers Set 1(Leopard Space Mega Pack)

Awesome Mac Walls.  You can download the pack of all these walls I put together, at this link(via MediaFire file hosting site): All credit goes to the creators of these wallpapers. Also you can check out other wallpaper megapacks I put together at this link. Subscribe to my blog: By Email By RSS