5 comments on “Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 89

  1. mattia says:

    This file is not available, because the upload was interrupted.
    You will not be able to download the file.
    Contact the owner if you need the file.

  2. Patsy Ray says:

    Just want nature pictures.

  3. The link is failing again, is there some torrent or compilation where i can download all the space/fantasy wallpapers?

    • Ben says:

      Sorry man, it would take quite a while for me to upload/compress all of them at once, but I think the link is working now. Since all the images are direct links, you could probably use some download manager (like downthemall for firefox) to grab all the image links on one page and download them at the same time. Would work, but it’s not as nice as having one zip file. Fixed the gallery for this wallpaper set too.

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