Nature Wallpaper Set 69 (National Geographic)

Excellent shots of nature and wildlife by National Geographic photographers:

NatGeo06 (Custom)NatGeo01 (Custom)

NatGeo04 (Custom) NatGeo03 (Custom) NatGeo02 (Custom) NatGeo08 (Custom) NatGeo07 (Custom) NatGeo05 (Custom)

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


4 comments on “Nature Wallpaper Set 69 (National Geographic)

  1. Andrew says:

    I have a request:

    Nowadays a lot of screens we use are sometimes/always in portrait orientations (namely smart phones and tablets). Sometimes a good portrait orientation wallpaper can be made by cropping a landscape one, but … it would be awesome if you come across some good portrait photography that works well as a wallpaper.

    • Ben says:

      Great idea Andrew. The one problem with me implementing your idea, is that I started this blog with the the purpose of posting wallpapers of a certain niche, that is, widescreen and HD resolution wallpapers. For the past 3 three years I have only posted wallpapers in those categories. If I suddenly started posting mobile wallpapers, it would kind of disrupt the purpose of my site. The only way, I think, for your idea to work, is if I would create a second site for only mobile wallpapers. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the time to maintain two sites at once, so that wouldn’t work that well. Thank you for the comment though,


  2. Jared says:

    Awesome selection of nature stills! Especially dig the polar bear under water…I miss my my Natgeo subscription!

  3. canofeles says:

    I come to your site from time to time and the nature themes are my favorites everytime. Keep the good work.
    And about the Mobile wallpapers i think that most of your wallpapers are already compatibles with most of smartphones(especially the abstracts).

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