Misc. Wallpaper Set 35 (Brands)

For this set I’m trying something different: Here are wallpapers for some various famous name brands.

Brands (1)Brands (1)

Brands (12) Brands (8) Brands (6) Brands (10)??????????????????? ???????????????????

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


3 comments on “Misc. Wallpaper Set 35 (Brands)

  1. Ellis says:

    I really love the classic cola and pepsi designs. Great work!

  2. Brij Nandan says:

    Awesome wallpapers!

  3. filmman1991 says:

    i really enjoy the Paramount logo wallpaper! Could you do more movie company logo wallpaper! That looks really awessssssssome!

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