Official Mac OSX Leopard Wallpapers

Here are some of the official wallpapers that came with Mac OSX Leopard.  More to come in the future!

LionEagle & Waterfall

Image below created by (artFX Heritage Photography and Video Production):



FrogEarth and MoonGrass Blades

Shapes Milky Way

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


5 comments on “Official Mac OSX Leopard Wallpapers

  1. Wallpaper says:

    i like animals !!!…………….

  2. I love Animal photography Thanks..!

  3. Brandon says:

    I’ve been having an argument with a coworker of mine regarding the picture with the moon above the Earth, where you can see the ‘curvature’ of the Earth and some stars in the background. He claims that’s a real picture but I say it’s photoshopped, the moon is way too close to the Earth in that picture and compared to the size of the Earth in that picture the moon is also way too small! Just look at the NASA pictures of the Earth taken from the moon for comparison, the moon is 200,000+ miles away!!! I think he’s got some spatial-awareness issues lol….any comments? Please no comments from NASA-moon-hoax ppl -_______-

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