WordAds Activated

Quick Update:  You might remember that a couple months ago I mentioned that I had submitted an application for WordPress’s ad service, WordAds.  Well, today I finally was accepted into their program and now you will see a couple banner ads on top and on the right of the page.  Hopefully I’ll eventually get enough money to offset the cost of maintaining (domain name cost) this site:)  Also, since this blog now has ads, I’ll try to find time to increase the posting output to 2 posts per week until June, and in the summer maybe 3-4 posts per week.  If you have any comments about this change (or anything else) please post in the comment section below.





4 thoughts on “WordAds Activated

  1. Its ok that you have ads and I really believe you should not only get enough money for cost but also some income. There’s nothing bad at it.

    Thanks for sharing great wallpapers with us. Keep on the good work.

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  3. You should get some income out of this. Its a tough world.
    Keep it up! These wallpapers are awesome! I like what I see!
    Ads are a small thing that does not really affect your website IMO unless they spam up the whole website like some places. *cough* filehosts *cough*.

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