Windows 8 Wallpaper Set 6 (Consumer Preview Wallpapers)

Official Windows 8 Consumer Preview wallpapers.  What’s your opinion on Windows 8?  I think it’s going to be a large failure by Microsoft. 

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


7 comments on “Windows 8 Wallpaper Set 6 (Consumer Preview Wallpapers)

  1. rtggamer says:

    First off, I love these wallpapers. When I first discovered them in my Windows 8 CP installation, I liked them so much that I moved them to my default OS. With that out of the way, I personally believe that Windows 8 is going to start some sort of Microsoft OS revolution. While it might not succeed, it will introduce a new type of OS that works on all your devices. The only reason why I don’t use a tablet as my primary device, is 1) The tablet OSes out there are very limited. 2) Tablets today cost about the same as a laptop with a ton better performance and OS. 3) I rather buy a tablet that runs a touch-friendly version of Windows. With Windows 8, all of your devices will be running the same OS. That means that there will be no limitation to what you can do no matter what device you are using. That, to me, is awesome. No one else on the market is doing something like that, so I’m sure Windows 8 will get Microsoft back in the game again. I have used Windows 8 CP on a touch screen device, and on my laptop with mouse, Windows 8 works great on both. Windows 8 also supports html 5 in their metro-styled apps, so web devs can easily make a javascript or jquery (I think it supports jquery, I don’t remember because I installed the CP over my Dev Preview) app. Knowing how many companies make programs for windows, I’m sure the windows Store will take off, and become an instant success. I even heard that Firefox was going to make a metro app of their own. I can’t wait.

    • faminemk says:

      Windows 8, while another milestone for Microsoft, is just a stepping stone. This is something I am certain Microsoft is aware of. I don’t think they look at Vista as a failure because it pushed tech advances and base specs for desktops to accept Windows 7. Without Vista, 7 fails. Microsoft will pay for 8 off the back of 9, and the main reason is because of business support.

      Businesses haven’t migrated completely to Windows 7 yet, and for that investment, will not revamp to get 8. This will be a lost release like Vista, and ME before it. Only the super techies, university students (who get it for free through partnering agreements), and sporadic home users (who’s hardware failed or who needed an upgrade from XP) will be running it. Microsoft had better be prepared to be supporting 7 and server 2008 R2 for the long haul because they are currently the business staples.

  2. Ben says:

    @rtggamer @faminemk Thanks for the comments guys:) To some degree I agree with both of you. @rtggamer I agree with you that it’s great that Windows 8 will be the same on any device. However, I also agree with @faminemk when he says that many people won’t upgrade to Windows 8. I certainly won’t pay 100 dollars or more to upgrade to Windows 8 just because it has the tablet interface built in. For tablet owners, I think Windows 8 will be a success, but for desktop users, I just don’t think they will care enough to upgrade.

    • rtggamer says:

      @Ben I agree with you. For desktop users or laptop users who don’t own a tablet, there is really no reason to upgrade. The main reason someone would want to upgrade their desktop to Windows 8 is if they own a tablet. I also agree with #faminemk that businesses really have no use of Windows 8. (unless of course they need people running around with tablets) Windows 8 is really made for the basic user, and metro lovers. I’m not a basic user, but I do love metro so I’ll chip in the extra $100 and buy it. What I’m really hoping for in Windows 8 is somehow getting it to boot on my HP Touchpad. -That would be the day.

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  4. Hi, where did you find the Tiles Background stored in Windows 8? Best Regards, Adrian

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