Featured Artist Set 1 (Dominic Kamp)

Today I’m going to start a new series of posts called Featured Artist Sets.  Every once in a while I’ll feature a wallpaper artist whose wallpapers I find particulary stunning, and I’ll showcase some of that artist’s best wallpaper.  So without further ado, today’s featured artist is Dominic Kamp.  Dominic Kamp’s wallpaper gallery contains over 90 works, ranging from beautiful nature photographs to digital paintings created in Photoshop.  Though his main forte is nature photography,  I think the space compositions in his gallery are awesome also.  Here are 8 examples of his work that I think are amazing.

(Note: All of these wallpapers are in 1080p resolution, for more resolutions and many other wallpapers, check out Dominic’s gallery: http://www.dominickamp.de/wallpaper/)

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link

P.S. Do you like the idea of Featured Artist Sets?  Let me know in the comments section:)


16 comments on “Featured Artist Set 1 (Dominic Kamp)

  1. kiea says:

    love it..anything to do with clouds..sunsets, sunrises, storms,stars..etc…..im all 4 it lol =D keep ’em coming!

  2. Sven says:

    good idea 🙂

  3. Ben says:

    @kiea and @Sven Thanks for the feedback:)

  4. Vladimir4life says:

    hey Ben i realy like the wallpapers but i have and idea do a set with soviet russia wallpapers you know with that symbol and the red all of that 😀

  5. IzaakMak says:

    This set is great!

  6. HKb says:

    I love earthporn

  7. sonhaji says:

    to see lightning in the sky like one of the wallpaper above

  8. JeLBee says:

    This is great for adobe after effects background. I can’t wait to use it. tnx for this.. i love the 2nd wallpaper.

  9. DuskWalker says:

    Juuust Amaaaaaazing. I love this wallpapers

  10. Skylab says:

    What a great idea, more please! 🙂 It is a hard effort to collect images one by one, that’s why I started looking for a package with a number of images! ♥

  11. canofeles says:

    Wow, i’ve just discoveted this blog and i’mpretty impressed by the quality of the wallpapers.

  12. mabezae says:

    This site is so great ! Keep it up! 🙂

  13. […] Download Image More @ awesomewallpapersblog.com […]

  14. […] Download Image More @ awesomewallpapersblog.com […]

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