How I Customize My Desktop

Instead of the usual wallpaper set I post on Tuesdays, I’m going to do something different. Today I’m going to show you how I customize my desktop and the programs I use to do so. (Click on the screenshots to see them full size)

(Also check out my Wallpaper Utilities Page to see the utilities I use that have to do with wallpapers)

Well, first of all here’s my desktop: Currently I’m using the default Windows 7 logon screen as my wallpaper. Below I’ll list the programs that I use to customize my desktop.

1) First of all you’ll notice that my icons are neatly organized into groups. The program used for that is called Fences, availible through stardock. Link here.

2) Second, take a closer glance at my taskbar. You’ll notice the documents and pictures icons. On Windows 7 normally you cannot pin folders to the taskbar. So how am I doing that here? Well, I’m using a handy program called Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner, which allows you to pin anything to the windows taskbar. Link

3) If you’ll look at the bottom right corner you can see a battery bar. This program monitors the status of my battery and displays the battery’s status in the taskbar. Battery Bar

4) On the right you’ll see my sidebar. Google desktop includes this sidebar alongside its search indexing service. I have the sidebar set to autohide. The widgets I use on it are as follows: (In order from top to bottom)

-Gmail icon

-Windows Dock

-Weather Globe

-Weather gadget


-Pictures Slideshow


Here is a small screenshot of the logon screen I use. One of the many programs you can use to change your logon screen is availible here: Logon Studio Vista


So now that you know what my setup is like, let me know how your desktop is customized by leaving a comment:)


10 comments on “How I Customize My Desktop

  1. whitestar579 says:

    lol I use fences and the logon screen also. I did use the google dock thing but it screwed up a lot for me. I have my fences and taskbar set to hide so that I have a nice blank desktop to look at my wallpapers 😀 I love the wallpapers you put up. Thanks!

  2. FACT says:

    I do agree about the icons, in fact I don’t have any, even when I was on PC. So here is mine !
    I used to have a lot of geektool stuff, but i’ve just install simplefoating clock, a nice clock (numeric or not). Otherwise, i use candybar for switching the icones, and a modified dock (mirage dock), with gill sans icons (found somewere on deviant art)
    Ps : i do love you blog, keep posting awesome wallpapers !

  3. Kong says:

    I don’t like icons either, I like my desktop as minimalistic as possible, I use rocketdock and rainmeter with the engima skin for my gadgets, and that is all. Here is my screenshot,

  4. J.T says:

    Did you know in windows 7 you can change the log in screen without extra software, this is how I do it you just need to activate a reg entry and put the picture you want in a certian folder with the default name. Here is the link that I used to accomplish this ,

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