Tron Legacy Wallpapers (Megapack)

This wallpaper pack is for fans of the Tron Legacy movie.  “All wallpapers are either widescreen or HD (1080p)”

Download the .zip file here:  (There are 3 Bonus Wallpapers included in the .zip file besides the ones shown here!)

Wallpaper #16 by sohansurag @deviantart.

NoteI did not make these wallpapers.  All credit goes to the various artists who did.


14 comments on “Tron Legacy Wallpapers (Megapack)

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  2. Aldan says:


  3. sohansurag says:

    Would you please add proper credits to the individual wallpapers. Yes I have seen the note that you have put..but still I’d be thankful if u add the credit.
    I have designed this wallpaper and would like to see my name or url attached to it.

  4. Soheb says:


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