Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 31


Nature Wallpaper Set 32

Abstract Wallpaper Set 31

Looking Back on One Year of Awesome Wallpapers

About one year and one month ago, I started this blog with the purpose of showcasing my huge wallpaper collection,(around 14,000 walls and counting) and in the process, back them up.  (They are uploaded on WordPress’s servers)  I started collecting wallpapers as soon as I learned to use a computer, which was about 8years ago.  Probably the first “wallpaper” site that I used was the Microsoft Clip Gallery.  Back then I didn’t really know what a screen resolution was, so I was always collecting pictures that were too small for the screen and stretching the wallpaper so it would fit the screen.  (BTW, I am not recommending Microsoft Clip Gallery for wallpapers.  Most of the pics are too small:)  Nowadays, the wallpapers are better quality than back then:) In this year I’ve been blogging, the visits and support for Awesome Wallpapers have far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Readers!:)   In the section below, you can see all the visitor stats and other info about Awesome Wallpapers.

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