Looking Back on One Year of Awesome Wallpapers

About one year and one month ago, I started this blog with the purpose of showcasing my huge wallpaper collection,(around 14,000 walls and counting) and in the process, back them up.  (They are uploaded on WordPress’s servers)  I started collecting wallpapers as soon as I learned to use a computer, which was about 8years ago.  Probably the first “wallpaper” site that I used was the Microsoft Clip Gallery.  Back then I didn’t really know what a screen resolution was, so I was always collecting pictures that were too small for the screen and stretching the wallpaper so it would fit the screen.  (BTW, I am not recommending Microsoft Clip Gallery for wallpapers.  Most of the pics are too small:)  Nowadays, the wallpapers are better quality than back then:) In this year I’ve been blogging, the visits and support for Awesome Wallpapers have far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Readers!:)   In the section below, you can see all the visitor stats and other info about Awesome Wallpapers.




Top Posts


Search Terms:

As you can see, as the blog got older more hits came.  (These are the hits per month, Year, and day)

Misc. stats. As you can see the one millionth hit is coming up soon:)



This is a graph of my subscribers through the year.  So far I have 76.

I have 41 email Subscribers


Now for some interesting facts:

I have 14,000+ wallpapers taking up almost 13 GB of hard drive space.  Here is a screenshot of my wallpaper folder.

{Click on image to enlarge}

Here’s the amount of images and space I used on my blog:

{Click to enlarge}

A couple other interesting facts:

My first Wallpaper set was Firefox Wallpaper Set 1.

These are the most popular wallpapers.  (In terms of clicks)

Here’s to another year of Awesome Wallpapers!




4 comments on “Looking Back on One Year of Awesome Wallpapers

  1. Naitros says:

    nice work, =)
    every week i search here for a new wallpaper for my pc, thank you!

  2. I stop by your blog for searching some mac wallpapers few months ago. Your wallpaper collection is amazing.


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