Problem With Wallpaper Gallery

Some of you may have noticed that when you go to the attachment page  for an image it only leads to the cropped version of the image.  example: This is a bad bug, because when you click on an image in your inbox or feedreader (if you subscribed) it directs to the attachment page.  I am frantically trying to get the problem fixed (I Contacted WordPress).    WordPress did fix this problem momentarily yesterday, but I think because of the recent wordpress downtime the change reverted back.  Unless WordPress fixes this problem, I am going to revert back to the old theme in a couple of days: Please stay with me:)


One comment on “Problem With Wallpaper Gallery

  1. […] } Well, I have changed back to my original theme, Freshy, because of the problem mentioned here.  I know it isn’t the best looking, but the galleries now […]

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