Misc. Wallpaper Set 14 (Flags)

Here are some amazing grunge flags of different countries.  If you don’t see your country in this list, try checking out my other flag sets:  Grunge Flag Sets

Note: All credits go to the creators of these wallpapers. Most of them, as far as I can tell, were made by think0@deviantart


6 comments on “Misc. Wallpaper Set 14 (Flags)

  1. wade says:

    really awesome flag wallpaper,i’m totally into it,….but just one small question,,,why do Taiwan flag would have such an honor when china flag don’t even have a place?

  2. Carlos Blanco says:

    can someone please make a wallpaper of the flag of dominican republic thank

  3. sam says:

    can you make a afghanistan flag ? and another version of the egyptian flag?

  4. Anders says:

    Ey. Can you make the Danish flag. u made Swedish and finland but not Danish… make danish i need it 😀

  5. Carlos says:

    can you make the colombian flag? please

  6. can you put a costa rican flag

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