Nature Wallpaper Set 13

(Artwork is by Christara Copyrighted © )
may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, or uploaded in any Site(s) including Blogs without his written permission.)

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10 comments on “Nature Wallpaper Set 13

  1. Robomaster says:

    Wow! The bottom middle water one’s awesome! I don’t even know how the photographer had the timing with that one…lol

  2. christara says:

    after seeing so much of my artwork get ripped by so many it makes you feel mad.
    has with much of my art work i make for personal use for people to use as desktop wallpapers. Which is its intended use.
    or on the occasions some of my art sells thru my deviant art account.
    obviously if others have paid for a piece of my art so they can use it elsewhere then you may understand why i get vexed over seeing it in place’s without any recognition to myself the artist.
    or if that piece was sold then the person who purchased it would be mad at me,?
    now respectively i don’t mind a piece of my work being used in a manner than what it was intended for so if you wish to keep it on your page.
    then please do so but has long has there’s link to let people link referring back to my work or
    and a short piece describing that its copyrighted and my name attributed to it.
    just a small piece under the artwork saying
    (Artwork is by Chrstara Copyrighted © )
    (plus may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, or uploaded in any Site(s) including Blogs without my written permission.) will more than suffice.
    its just so others who see it on your site will know its copyrighted work and then won’t steal it from your site and upload it elsewhere. Which makes it very hard for me to keep track of my work.?
    i thank you in advance.
    thank you chrstara.

  3. christara says:

    hello i am the owner of one the wallpapers uploaded on your site and am sending this to ask you to remove it.
    I tried to be polite and asked for recognition for work,but to no avail.
    it is copyrighted,
    i have asked a couple of times and left message,s to comply with this request.but all you do is see fit to delete my messgaes.

    here is a link to the original wallpaper.
    thank you very much for your co-operation in applying my request.
    yours christara.



    Click to access dmca.pdf

    • benjammin1 says:

      Thanks for the comment christara, I have just seen your comments now, so I have not deleted your comments. (I was very busy). As I stated in the disclaimer (found in the sidebar at the right) I have know way of knowing who the artists are of these wallpapers. I probably downloaded your wallpaper off another wallpaper site, or maybe a wallpaper pack. I will be happy to give you a link to your wallpaper as you stated.

      Wow, i just read what you said on your desktop nexus page. I would have definitely credited you if I downloaded it from that page.

      Edit: There is no need to post 5 identical comments! I never delete any comment that is not spam:)

      I have deleted your other duplicate comments:)

  4. christara says:

    thank you ben for your e-mail today. and am glad you,ve decided to keep my work up on your site. its just when i didn,t hear from you and not seeing the posts on here i just presumed that they were deleted.
    its so very hard to keep track of my work has many who use the internet think that any image is fair game so to say.
    so am very happy that you,ve carried thru my wish,s.
    and must apoiygise over the many mails (posts).but please understand how i could be vexed by what happens on many occasions with my art.
    if you wish to use any more of my work then am more than happy with that and with me learning all the time i must admit much of my work is improving, so i look forward to hearing from you in the future.
    and i must appluad you on a very pleasent site. keep up the good work.
    but please if you do use any in the future then a little mail will more than suffice or just drop me a line on any of my links.
    has long as my art displays with what you have put on the image that cuased us to converse.
    and if your not happy with any of my postings then please delete them and hopefully now we,re communicating we can start a fresh.
    thank you once again.
    byeeeee 4 now..:)

    • benjammin1 says:

      I have to say I am very impressed by your artwork, and I will make sure to credit you, if I feature any more of your wallpapers. I especially love your watersplash artwork. The effect is amazing!


  5. christara says:

    Oh yes Ben its his not her….LOL
    so many just presume.?
    thank you once again
    byeeeeeeee 4 now..

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