WordAds Activated

Quick Update:  You might remember that a couple months ago I mentioned that I had submitted an application for WordPress’s ad service, WordAds.  Well, today I finally was accepted into their program and now you will see a couple banner ads on top and on the right of the page.  Hopefully I’ll eventually get enough money to offset the cost of maintaining (domain name cost) this site:)  Also, since this blog now has ads, I’ll try to find time to increase the posting output to 2 posts per week until June, and in the summer maybe 3-4 posts per week.  If you have any comments about this change (or anything else) please post in the comment section below.




Movies Wallpaper Set 7 (Featuring Allen Isaac)

Today’s wallpaper set features Allen Isaac (also known as theal), a talented web developer and designer that specializes in making wallpapers of all genres.  This post features some of his movie-themed wallpapers.  You can find more of his awesome wallpapers via his gallery, or contact him at his website.

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Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link