Mac Wallpaper Set 47

Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link


Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 52 (Featuring Christian “Tigaer” Hecker)

Today’s space/fantasy wallpaper set features the artist Christian Hecker.  I stumbled across his site a couple weeks ago and was blown away by the quality of his matte paintings.  His work ranges from futuristic cities to beautiful landscapes.  The 8 wallpapers below are some of my favorites.  To see the rest of his paintings, visit his gallery at

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Download the wallpapers from this set compiled into a .zip file here: link

Changes Coming to Awesome Wallpapers

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that there will be some changes happening to this site over the next couple of days. The first one is a new domain name.  I will be purchasing the domain name and traffic will be automatically redirected to that domain instead of  Purchasing a new domain name allows for greater visibility to search engines, and for different features to be available.  One of those features is the ability to display ads (via wordpress’ ad system, WordAds). I have submitted an application for WordAds, and if everything works well in the process of setting it up, I will experiment with it and try to find a good system of displaying the ads.  I hate annoying ads just as much as the normal user, so the ads I’ll put on my blog will be non-obtrusive.   Displaying ads on my blog will pay for the cost of hosting the new domain, and also help me (hopefully) in paying for college.  I currently am very busy with school, but I also will try to post with more regularity.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


Ben (Admin)