Nature Wallpaper Set 31

Well, I’m back to posting regularly now:)

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Nature Wallpaper Set 30

The 30th Nature Wallpaper Set! On a side note, I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to publish a wallpaper set during that time.

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Abstract Wallpaper Set 30


Mac Wallpaper Set 30

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Windows Se7en Wallpaper Set 24


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Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 29


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Misc. Wallpaper Set 20

A great mix of typography, sport, twitter, and Adidas brand wallpapers. Enjoy:)


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Ubuntu Wallpaper Set 16


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1280X800, 1400X900, 1900X1200, HD, highquality, Linux, Linux mint, mint, Ubuntu, wallpaper, widescreen

Windows Vista Wallpaper Set 29

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Cities Wallpaper Set 6

Well, I haven’t done a cities wallpaper set in a while, so here are some pics of beautiful cities.

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